Monday, April 11, 2016

I'll work on finding transcription software I like, so that there will also be text of the video :) for those on limited data allowances. but I cant seem to make myself sit down and type in entries.. as you may have noticed, so trying it this way.. Often when I am out walking my mind is thinking about posts, but they never seem to make it into the blog..  wish me luck!

all feedback is welcome, I'm new to this video stuff.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Trying a new net connection scheme :)

sometimes, things work out... Im hoping that this one continues to be one of those times!

Due to the kindness of my friend Lesa (of fame, I have available to use an older phone that is capable of generating it's own Hotspot..  With Millenicom going away, and Verizon now charging me $99 a month for 20 gigs of data, I decided that it might be time to make another change.. seems to be that kind of year so far!

I have ordered (since the local Walmart didn't have it in stock) a bring your own device package to get an unlimited phone/data plan on the phone I've been gifted..  I "Think" that it should handle all my data needs through it's own hotspot, and allow me to continue to use the laptop for web browsing, blog postings, emails and what have you.  That is my hope, then I will drop Verizon like a hot rock!

my next verizon bill is in 10 days, so I have that much lead time to see if it does a good enough job, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

UPDATE  well, it's been a week of exclusive net access using the phone to generate a hotspot.. the connection has been good enough for all of my 'general' net use..  so just got off the Verizon site after suspending my WIFI device with them.. if I continue to feel no loss then I'll kill the account entirely in July when the suspension ends.  is nice to go to an unlimited data stream while paying only half of what I used to, and for general usage this be plenty :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Campsite Near Payson Arizona Discovered!

New campsite for me that is!

just to the east of Payson,Az on Highway 260 there is a road that drops south about a half a mile, get back in there and you can pull right up near a retention pond for the animals, is room for 4 or 5 vehicles if they like each other or other turns of the road you could take to get more solitude, spent the past 4 days there in the company of some other Vandwellers, and had a really nice stay just taking life easy and gathering around the fire every morning.

some good walking both in the woods and on the trails in the area, as well as some great potential spots to hike into!  Since I'm working my way toward backpacking, I intend to do just that before winter hits, and I wont be at all surprised if I tent camp at this site again.

Now, downside.. sadly some folks (I'm assuming from Payson) have come out here and illegally dumped yard waste in the area.. I've decided that each time I go there I have a mission to clean it up!!  As long as fire restrictions are NOT in place, when I visit, I will be burning all the crap that comes with civilization and trying to help restore the beauty that should be there!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

sharing a new blog address

This one isn't getting much love lately as I'm sure you have noticed...

but, I have started another one that seems to interest me more for now..  Please feel free to drop in and comment if you see anything that calls to you or stirs a question.  Lately, I'm feeling more inclined to walk :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

my 15 minutes of fame :)

A Couple years ago, when I was mostly stationary up on the property, I was approached about a documentary that a couple gentlemen from Texas were working on.. While I have always been hesitant to share information about my life, and life situations, I was also at a point where I was very uncomfortable with what I saw as the degradation of our (citizens) freedoms in the world.  I agreed to be interviewed, and am happy with the result, I think they did a good job overall of showing an accurate depiction of the lifestyle that alot of us chose, and why we want to be outside of the mainstream!

video link is here

and a link to a forum where this alternate lifestyle is popular and prevalent!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Preppin for winter :)

I know, I know.. it's early yet.. but already starting to gather firewood for the coming winter, last winter more than a time or two I was a bit chilled and I am not a big fan of that!!

Did some research and checked into what it would take to be able to harvest wood on the national forest, with a friends help, discovered that with the right permits, on Tonto National Forest, I could harvest up to 4 cords of wood free!!  I expect that to be much more than I will require, but gonna make a point to go out at least once a week for a day of collection :)

Beyond that, not much has changed, the big truck didn't sell, and with my anxiety issues never got to the point of being willing to put it in craigslist to boost exposure, so it's parked at the moment on my acreage in Northern Arizona, using it as storage, and it's there if I need it to get back on the road one day.  have been up to the property twice this summer (other than the truck delivery trip) and there are no tracks in the area indicating that I need to worry about people.. heck, most people have no clue theres anything there in the middle of nowhere  both trips up were pretty short ones, but soaked in as much silence there as I could!  looking forward to fall and winter temps for the most part.

Dont know if I'll be attending the gathering this year in Quartzsite, and if I do it will be with the little truck and a tent.  Didnt feel drawn to be a part of the RTR now that it's gotten so large, and feel that it's not something that drives me anymore, though I could see spending time in the desert and around KOFA again.

Nothing else for now, Hope that everyone is doing well!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The End of an Era…. The Box truck is for sale :)

edited to add In Payson Az, and has an Automatic tranny :)
On the topic of the unpredictability of life…
I am no longer full time for the foreseeable future, with that being the case, I no longer have use for the box truck that has served me as home for a few years now and it’s time to see if it can be of use to someone else!  Dimensions on the Interior of the box are 15’ X 7’7” X 7’.  total length is 24’6”.


2002 Ford E-450 Super duty cutaway van (box extends over the cab so you can stand up next to the drivers seat)
7.3L Diesel engine with a block heater, and 157K miles (which for a diesel is minor) AC in the cab unit, never needed it in the box but I tended to avoid high heat areas in the summer. 
Barn doors on the back so you have full access to the back when doing a rebuild, or loading, made it much easier to load and unload the motorcycle when needed ;IMG_1152

Currently there are 2 solar panels on the roof for a total of 410 watts, running to a BZ500 mppt controller, into a 12v battery bank of 1280 AH batteries, though they will need to be replaced for any real use, they are fine for basic lights and a dvd player at night.
Currently, there are some shelves along one of the walls, and a couple of cabinets I used as a pantry, additionally there is a plywood bed built into one side, all could easily be removed as desired, or the wood repurposed.   The Truck has served me well in our time together, I just don’t see myself needing it again so it’s time to let it move on! 
Like all vehicles it has issues, to me they are minor.. the driver side door binds when opening, so I have used the passenger door primarily.  The dash lights (other than indicator/emergency lights) don’t work, so if you drive at night it could be annoying, I purchased an LED light that plugs into the cigarette lighter and use that if I have to drive at night and it’s worked fine, All emergency and instrumentation lights work just fine.  Also, I do not have a key for the cab doors, never had one, if I had to lock the truck, I would just reenter it from the back doors which have a padlock.  If you are interested in the truck, arrangements can be made to see it, please send me an email at Smile  will be doing another post with additional pictures of the interior, just don’t want to overload this one.