Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Trying a new net connection scheme :)

sometimes, things work out... Im hoping that this one continues to be one of those times!

Due to the kindness of my friend Lesa (of http://simplylesa.blogspot.com/) fame, I have available to use an older phone that is capable of generating it's own Hotspot..  With Millenicom going away, and Verizon now charging me $99 a month for 20 gigs of data, I decided that it might be time to make another change.. seems to be that kind of year so far!

I have ordered (since the local Walmart didn't have it in stock) a bring your own device package to get an unlimited phone/data plan on the phone I've been gifted..  I "Think" that it should handle all my data needs through it's own hotspot, and allow me to continue to use the laptop for web browsing, blog postings, emails and what have you.  That is my hope, then I will drop Verizon like a hot rock!

my next verizon bill is in 10 days, so I have that much lead time to see if it does a good enough job, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

UPDATE  well, it's been a week of exclusive net access using the phone to generate a hotspot.. the connection has been good enough for all of my 'general' net use..  so just got off the Verizon site after suspending my WIFI device with them.. if I continue to feel no loss then I'll kill the account entirely in July when the suspension ends.  is nice to go to an unlimited data stream while paying only half of what I used to, and for general usage this be plenty :)

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