Sunday, August 10, 2014

Preppin for winter :)

I know, I know.. it's early yet.. but already starting to gather firewood for the coming winter, last winter more than a time or two I was a bit chilled and I am not a big fan of that!!

Did some research and checked into what it would take to be able to harvest wood on the national forest, with a friends help, discovered that with the right permits, on Tonto National Forest, I could harvest up to 4 cords of wood free!!  I expect that to be much more than I will require, but gonna make a point to go out at least once a week for a day of collection :)

Beyond that, not much has changed, the big truck didn't sell, and with my anxiety issues never got to the point of being willing to put it in craigslist to boost exposure, so it's parked at the moment on my acreage in Northern Arizona, using it as storage, and it's there if I need it to get back on the road one day.  have been up to the property twice this summer (other than the truck delivery trip) and there are no tracks in the area indicating that I need to worry about people.. heck, most people have no clue theres anything there in the middle of nowhere  both trips up were pretty short ones, but soaked in as much silence there as I could!  looking forward to fall and winter temps for the most part.

Dont know if I'll be attending the gathering this year in Quartzsite, and if I do it will be with the little truck and a tent.  Didnt feel drawn to be a part of the RTR now that it's gotten so large, and feel that it's not something that drives me anymore, though I could see spending time in the desert and around KOFA again.

Nothing else for now, Hope that everyone is doing well!!

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