Sunday, March 16, 2014

Truck Pics

brief descriptions.  for vanity sake. my typical camp  2, the empty box with pass through visible, 3 the solar controller and a 1500/3000 watt inverter, would use it to run power tools when needed. 4 the ‘kitchen’ area, shelves on the wall, pantry cabinets, the disk in the wall is where I cut through for a chimney and woodstove that I had installed one winter.   5. the bed area, lower shelf lives up for access to bins you might put under it, upper can be used as storage if needed.  6.  the ‘Bar’ area, was a pass through into the truck there (latched, I don’t have that key either) and made a drop down bar to use when camped for food prep, or doing dishes or whatever. 7. Ladder racks on the inside of the truck, I would carry both a step ladder and a larger ladder to give me roof access if needed.

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