Monday, September 16, 2013

Been a busy summer

Howdy folks!

Been a pretty busy summer this year in a lot of ways.. very sedentary in others!

Havent been walking as much, being that I’m in a stick and brick again for the summer, just not as likely to get out in the real world when I’m surrounded by distractions…  Gonna work on that!  But, I have been far more active in reading and learning about the Foragable plants in Arizona.. some I’ve been aware of for years but never really paid enough attention to.  this summer has been a time to rectify that!

In the area I have been, I have found the following plants which I have enjoyed (with varying degrees of satisfaction)

Curly Dock, Black medic, Wild Grapes, Serviceberry, Acorns, Yarrow, Teasel, Thistle, Scarlet Runner Bean, and Tepary bean.  Additionally, took some old (15+years) corn and resprouted them as a test for next year, it is Bloody Butcher corn, and I’m looking forward to growing it for harvest..

The “Garden” hasn’t amounted to much at all, but I keep hope that with each year I’ll learn more!  I also picked up a few additional books this summer on plant identification and usage, in addition to starting out a new blog.. at the moment there isnt much there and I’m still having issues with placement of ads.. but for those that might be curious it’s “”  Feel free to look around and make suggestions as you see fit!  Comments there are moderated to keep spammers out, but if it’s clean and useful will put it through <grin>

The single most important thing that has happened over the summer is reconnecting with a young lady I knew years ago.. and as a total surprise, the connection we had then is even stronger now we are working out logistics to get together again soon! 

That’s all for now folks, just felt in the mood to play catch up!  Unsure what my winter plans will be this year, it is still my intent to get to Quartzsite, but as the saying goes, my plans right now are made of pudding! :)