Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy July 4th!

Good Morning everyone :)

thought I'd take a moment to wish everyone a good holiday today, and for those who don't celebrate it, a just plain good day!

Hanging out in the woods of Central/Northern Arizona at the moment at the family cabin.  Been here for a while now and probably will spend most of the summer here with occasional trips out into the woods.. but rather enjoying unlimited power and water for a while.

Alots happened in life the past couple years.. not all of it made the blog, for a couple reasons.  I suck at blogging is the biggest one, but also some of it was quite personal and I really wasnt ready to post about it..
Have lost a couple famly members, and it has effected me much more in some ways than I had anticipated, but learning to cope with the changes one day at a time and moving forward.

I spent the past winter on the road, making my slow way through the desert in Az, and trying to find the ever elusive "Content".. it seems to come and go for me :)   Made it to the Winter RTR in Quartzsite, also spent a couple weeks in KOFA NWR just south of there, a very wild area KOFA is, so I really like it there.  After the RTR I floated along toward the town of Maricopa, Az.

In Feburary of 2013 I had registered to attend "Wintercount", which is a primitive living skills gathering.  While there I learned how to make leather Knive sheaths, and how to take a deerhide and turn it into buckskin!  the class was only $40 and they provided the skin.. it came out great :)   Also took a class on making an Atlatl, and learned to use it. (primitive dart/arrow thrower)  Planning on doing that again in 2014 with a bunch from the RTR group.

Thats pretty much where I stand at this point, will be getting the camera and posting some pics with details on the camps I stopped at shortly :)


Nelda Lee said...

Nice to hear from you, Steve.

Nelda and Jerry

Nemo said...

I've been terrible about it havent I :)