Monday, July 23, 2012

Finding the dream again

I just like the title dont know that its all the informative for folks though...   

In the old days, the days Pre Truck.. I used to have a recurring dream... that of flight.. Not with a vehicle, not with any type of machinery or destination.. just the ability to fly.    At the time, I simply enjoyed the dreams, not trying to assign any meaning to them or reason behind them..  Those dreams are gone and I miss them!

I think they have left me because I did fly.. I left behind my old life and changed everything about how I was living, so that particular escape valve isn't needed anymore... but I miss the feelings i would get in those dreams.

Compared to the life I lived, I am free.. free from alot of the tensions and stress, free from the strife and striving that I used to carry with me like a stone on my back.. so I guess it's understandable that the dream has faded.. but since they are coming back into my memory.. perhaps there is more freedom ahead for me again!

I have been mostly off the road for the past year+.. I think it's what I needed to do, with family getting sick, and me needing to be able to respond as needed for them.  but that too is past at this point and I miss the road, Not the driving, but the frequent change of scenery, New areas to hike, finding forageable plants as I wander.  Lately, have been cleaning out the truck and trying to pare down what will go with me again.. since I havent been living in it, it's been storage space and has way to much stuff in it.. so thats the first job!  slowly I'm making inroads, with a tentative time of November/December to be mobile with it again.