Friday, May 18, 2012

Missin the Road!

Howdy folks :)  now that I've been stationary for a while.. coming up on a year and a half!  I find that I'm restless again.. might be time to hit the road for a couple weeks in the little truck.

only downside to that is that I wouldnt be taking my solar or have the luxury of 'unlimited' power with my battery bank... but since I upgraded it all to enable me to have as much juice as I want.. I find myself less and less interested in being on the computer or even listening to the radio... Thas a hard thing for me.. I have basically been a gaming addict since the early 80's, and it wasnt uncommon for me to spend 10 to 12 hours a day on it even when I worked for a living on my days off.

Now.. I just dont find myself attracted to it anymore.. but what can I do to fill all those hours??  have wandered for miles in all direction of my base now, have taken some drives to explore areas farther away yet still local.. heck, now and then I'll go to lunch even though thats an hour drive each way, at the least!

so considering packing the little truck and heading somewhere...

and just for eye candy

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