Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden Valley Loop, Superstition Mountains Az

The Garden Valley loop is a good trail for an early summer morning, or anytime during the cooler parts of the year,

to get there you head to the First Water Trailhead which is not far down a dirt road from Hwy 88, the Apache Trail, there are signs on the road to help you get there.

Latitude: 33.4778257
Longitude: -111.4398534

the trail winds it’s way along a predominately stone trail, so a flatter area with decent enough soil for there to be a good variety of desert plants, during the rainey season, and in the spring after a wet year, you may well see a bit of bloom from the desert plants.  Also, if you look closely you might just find pottery sherds and the ruins of a prehistoric stone house in the area.

The trail is pretty easy to follow, no supplemental maps need to be taken with in my opinion. round trip runs just under 5 miles.   IF you do try it when the heats on TAKE PLENTY OF WATER. I made the mistake once of not taking enough, and on top of that, did the Black Mesa loop(much longer) after getting to Garden Valley.. I was wiped out by the time I got back to the truck(so was Tori), and I wouldn’t wish anyone else to go through that!

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