Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fruitless Exploration

Howdy folks Smile

was feeling restless the other day (heck, a lot of time lately), so decided to see just how accurate my mapping software was.. I use Delorme Topo 8.0, and overall I’m pretty happy with it.  using their netlink, can download digital aerial photos for both use in the software and in my Delorme GPS.

well, I made a route for it from my base to the town of Holbrook Az, and headed out…  Let me tell ya.. the ‘roads’ that I was going down probably hadnt seen a vehicle in many years.. made it 30 + miles before I turned around.. in the bottom of a very sandy deep wash.  it taught me to take what the maps tell me with a grain of salt <grin>  was a fun day though.

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