Friday, May 18, 2012

Cheap Shelter

Howdy folks,

have had a few folks request pics of the winter shelter I built for myself.. what I now refer to as my home base..

happy to provide those to you now

first, the basic site selected.  chosen because it was on a south facing slope on the property, at he top of the drainage, so I wouldn't have to worry about water running into the 'dig'.

 this is how I went about digging it out.. picked up the cart at Home Depot.  I made a mistake in it's purchase to be honest, I should have just picked up a wheel barrow instead.

After digging out the interior area, small enough so that I didn't require a building permit, I purchased some 4X4's and used some concrete to install them as supports.  dug each hole down about 18" for stability, then ran boards around the outer edges for a frame for the roof.. also ran 2X4's across the roof with a 23" separation.  I should have gone with 16" as that seems to be more common for rolls of insulation.  Then I put up tar paper and metal sheets for runoff purposes.

after that, to enclose the shelter I simply purchased OSB Sheathing, which was under 8$ a sheet and enclosed it!
for a while, I simply used a spare sheet of OSB as a door, when I left I would screw it down over the opening.. the side walls (above dirt level) are simply cut and laid against the frame of the roof, not even nailed on.  the walls from the inside are primarily dirt, I haven't bothered to cover them up yet..  pretty much, that's how it sits today.  I did install a wood stove, and a window to make it easier to be inside during the winter (it got dark in there!)
I have been through snow storms, high winds, 90 degree days, its working fine :)  still can do more to tweak it, but don't feel like there's a rush to get anything done, total cost including gas for the 120 mile round trip to Home Depot is under 1500, cost of the land about 3500... so for under 5k, I have a place I can be sheltered and undisturbed if I so choose :)


Brian Many Wheels said...

Very nice little cubby Steve....

Nemo said...

it's been a grand experiment for someone with no building skills, no real clue what I was doing.. there are things I would do differently next time, but it's been a good experience!

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Oh! I am so excited to FINALLY see the your digs! I'm very impressed!