Friday, February 10, 2012

The little things in life

Finally.. after having thought of it for a couple years.. picked up a French Press for coffee in the morning.  Had tried using a conventional percolating coffee pot, and it took to long to get crankin to brew.. with the option to simply boil water and put it in the press for a bit, will help me save on fuel, and give me the option of NOT having to have instant coffee anymore!!!  Thank to Brian for introducing me to them a couple years ago in the mountains :)


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Enjoy your coffee, Steve! In my mind, there are very few things that can equal or start a day off in a better way than a REALLY good cup of coffee in the morning!

I'm excited to have found your blog, finally! Mike (RTR Mia (dog) and Mike are in my driveway. I was telling him about your home and was hoping to find pictures, here.

Nemo said...

Howdy Cyndi! thanks for stoppin by, glad you found me :)

Say Hi to Mike and Mia! so far I havent done a post on the house yet.. mostly because I think alot of folks just wont get the attraction, and there isnt anything pretty about it! but it works tell ya what.. will get some pics together and get it in this next week :)