Friday, January 27, 2012

Mornin folks :)

well, it seems that bloggin isnt something that I do well   but gonna try to make myself more accountable to myself for a bit and at least put something up.. problem I run into, nothing in my life seems worthy of sharing at least at that moment, Or, it's not something that I'm ready to share with others.

The past year has been filled with good and bad, I've gotten a bit more comfortable with who I am as a person, and am learning to accept a lifestyle that I feel is necessary for me to be content.  I also lost my Sister over the past year, and that was something that I was in no way prepared for.. so it's been a hard year if one with redeeming aspects.

As to the land.  Over the past year I managed to dig a shelter into the side of a hill for winter protection.  Last winter, I had a string of days where my high was in single digits, and the truck just wasnt warm enough to hang out in all day with it that cold.. and Tori couldnt deal with that cold well when we went walking, so we pretty much sat in the truck and froze for a while.. my lowest night was 15 below... It's good to know I can handle it, but not something I wish to repeat often.  Sooo.. dug into the side of a hill, got some OSB sheathing at 8$ a sheet, and built a shelter!  thats been my primary focus when I was on the land, digging and creating, it's not pretty, but it works (will add a pic later).

Managed to make it to the RTR this year down in Quartzsite, where I was honored to meet quite a few fellow travellers and rubber tramps :)(Shout out to Squire!)  I have missed being in touch, and I think I'm gonna find a way to return every year, even though I am mostly stationary. 

for now, back in the shelter, and upgrading my battery bank to give myself a bit more computer time at night.  I was going to buy a bank of Trojans at Quartzsite, but they wanted to much for both the batteries and the core charge since I had no turn ins.. so said forget that!  On the way back to the property, made a few phone calls and found someone with some used Crown 305's that I could take for 60 each.... I picked up 8 of em   so my battery bank is going from 110ah usable to 610ah usable.. I think I'll not have a problem in the near future!  I havent used Crown batteries before, nor have I purchased used batteries, but at the price, even if they only last 2 years I made out like a bandit compared to a new set.  Have an email in to the Crown folks to get specifics on the charging and equalizing charge values.

This morning, I'm building the bank itself, have the wires all cut and ends on, it's just carrying these beasts in and down the hill... heck of a workout!

Thank you to all the folks I met at the RTR, showed me once again how wonderful the vandwelling family is!

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SwankieWheels said...

It was great seeing you and Tori again. Be well. Stay safe. Looks like Liz and I are so compatible that we will be travelling together a lot. We may be up for a vist before heading to Monterey. Sorry about your tent. Put the Canopy up yesterday and have it tethered to my trailer and then my van on one side and Liz' on the other... if it blows apart I'd be surprized... it sure it won't as it's only the top. If you decide to toss MY tent let me know, I'll take it and see what I can do with it.