Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beautiful day :)

Mornin folks! guess it's time to start updating and bring this current..

First off, left the hosting job mid summer.. didnt make it through the entire time at the campground, was a bit to remote for me, and in spite of the remote location, was too busy!! when I think of remote, I think of seeing Ooo.. maybe 10 people a week.. this was much busier! and when I was having people knocking on my truck at 6am, or having to get up at 4am to have folks shut down generators.. well, I decided I needed more me time than I was getting there, so came back to the Arizona highlands :)

spent the summer floating along the 'rim' in Arizona, and was enjoying my time, looking forward to the winter and meeting with everyone in Quartzite again.

Then one day, parked outside of Heber, Az. I got an email from my insurance company.. seems they do a review of all policies before they come up for renewal.. and I was informed that they would not renew my policy on the vehicle because I was using it as a camper.. I had told them I was when I started the policy!! but now I had a time bomb ticking in my life, and the stress started to go up. I checked with the companies RV division, and was informed that they couldnt insure it as an RV because it was titled as a commercial vehicle. I checked with the State, about getting it titled as an RV and the modifications not only would have cost a couple thousand, it would have made the vehicle unsuitable to the uses I needed (no room to haul the bike).

So, after a few weeks of thinking about that.. I decided my options were either buy a real RV and truck to tow it, or find a place to park... I discovered some land auctions that werent far from where I was, and decided to go look at land in northern Az.

Long story short.. I picked up 20 acres for 3500$ and now I no longer need to worry about keeping the truck on the road (the big one, but more on that later).

I dont have an address yet (county is working on creating one) I dont have a driveway, I dont have neighbors closer than a couple miles, I have peace and quiet virtually all of the time, and I have room for people to park if they come visit! But be aware, the nearest town is 30 miles away and doesnt have much there I'm in the boonies! I do get a good cell phone signal where I'm parked, and most places when I'm out walking. I think I'll be happy here.

Pic from where I often sit to read.. you can see for 70 miles when it's clear :)


-Heidi said...

That's excellent! Which land auction did you go through?



Nemo said...

actually, found it on Ebay -grin- have looked off and on for years, and the timing just worked out for me to be close enough to come look at it before it ended :)

-Heidi said...

What a great find! Thanks for the info and Congrats again!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know your whereabouts and life's situation. Thought for a while the hogs ate you or sumthin'.:-)

Too bad about the insurance co.'s decision to not insure your vehicle. Guess you got through that O.K.

Congratualations on the land sale. Heck of a find if you ask me. Sounds like a lot of solace in your future. Good.

Again, good to hear from you, Sir.


Anonymous said...

Rather decent area of AZ. Great find! There are a few cheap places like that out in Oregon and Idaho, too. Similar situation where water and shopping don't exist, so it would be a boondocking experience.

Sandy St.Louis said...

Good to see your post I better see you in Quartzite Sandy

hoboknitter said...

yay! i love your land! i wanna read where that view is too! i'll get there eventually.....

Michael said...

Great blog! Finally have read every message. : ) Can you give an idea of the monthly expenses for fuel and maintenance for living in a box van? Can you say here or message me through my blogger profile? Thanks