Monday, June 21, 2010

A Lesson Learned?? I’m hoping so!!

Morning my friends :)

I had a friend in the past that used to live by a bunch of hardcore bikers… she told me that one of the things they said is that there are 2 kinds of bikers.. those who have laid down their bikes, and those that were still going to.

I had always discounted that saying, feeling somewhat superior.. I had never laid down my bike, and Never planned on it!!!  why, since I hadn't made a bad decision in riding the bike, was I preordained(or predestined) to make a bad decision and end up laying it down??  I didn't accept that premise :)  Perhaps those hardcore bikers knew a thing or two I didn't…

Yesterday, on my way from my campground to Clovis Ca.. I laid down the bike going around a corner..  Came into the corner to fast.. was a side road coming into the main at that point, and a lot of sand had been tracked onto the asphalt..  tried to slow down before I hit the sand, but once I got into it, could feel both wheels sliding and knew I was leaving the roadway.. 

surprisingly, I kept my head enough to actually look to the ditch on the side of the road and decide how I wanted to handle the situation.. managed to keep good control of the bike as I left the road, and tried to keep it upright as long as I can, but the ditch was soft sand and it just took the bike down in no time.. I remember thinking that '”this should hurt more than it does” as I was sliding with the bike..  didn't take long will we came to a stop.. I pulled my leg out from under the bike, stood up, said to myself, “pick the bike up now while the adrenaline is flowing”, and got it stood up… then took off my helmet and took stock.

Karma, specifically, GOOD Karma.. must have been in abundance…  I am fine!!  a little sore today, but I’ve been worse just from lifting things at work!  The bike?  it’s fine as well.. haven't looked today, but no big scratches that I’m aware of, it fired right up yesterday after I got back on the bike, and then I put another 150 miles on it, no problems, no hiccups at all!!  Helmets not even scratched!

Lessons learned.. I am so thankful that I was in leathers.. so thankful that I had the Helmet and gloves on as well, Grateful that neither I, nor my bike were damaged in a way that will impact the future.. and grateful to have been given the chance to learn about overdriving a stretch of road…

sometimes, at least for me, Caution needs to be reinforced…  This reminder was the best one I can remember!

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