Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the Hard Life of a Host!

Howdy folks ;)  this is just a quick note to let folks know I’m fine and healthy :)  Adjusting to my camp hosting job, and overall I think it’s going to be a very good experience for me..  last weekend was the opening weekend for my campground, and had 36 folks in for the weekend.  Spent alot of time talking with them, trying to learn what they know about the area so I can pass it on to others as they come in.. learning what bait is working for the fishing, where the good trails are, that kind of thing :)

not keeping score.. but so far have been offered fresh fish from 3 different campers.. both Rainbow and Brown Trout, had a gentleman that was up with his son and grandson bring over half of a peach pie that they couldn't finish, and tonight had homemade Ice cream that some campers made and walked up to me <grin>   it’s a hard life aint it!!

Off tomorrow, so loading the laptop in my backpack and headed to where I can find a signal to get email, and send this update out..

but I’m good here, love the area, and looking forward to next year!

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