Monday, April 5, 2010

Past due update :)

First off, my apologies for not being more regular here.. there are downsides to having regular internet capability!!  rather than write up posts, I do active email and other things.. that may change over the summer while I’m working as a camp host in California.  I’ll try to be a bit more regular in the future!

Lets see.. the last post was about a windy day and how to spend it, so that's taken –Grin-  today it’s still windy (though it did stop between now and then)  it’s rainy and on the cold side.. 

I’m currently parked in BLM land just outside of Pahrump, Nv.  Ended up Fleeing from Arizona when it started getting to warm..  but thats getting ahead of myself here!

I left the slabs area in Ca to head back to the Phoenix area for a family function.  My mother was being given an award in the town the family has lived in for ages, and wanted to make sure that I was there for the celebratory dinner!  it was a wonderful night.  One of the Arizona congressmen that serves that area was in attendance, as well as the Maricopa county Sherriff, in addition to many years worth of town Mayors.. dinner was ok, but the company was great :)

After that, Ran to my friend Johns to install the second solar panel on the roof of the truck, then escaped to Nevada :)

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