Monday, April 5, 2010

Meetings of Equals..

You know.. Ok.. maybe you don't –Grin-

there's a certain comfort in hanging out with people that understand you and don't question your sanity.. well.. not more than they do their own  -Grin-

In Pahrump Nevada at the moment, and have had the great fortune to be parked with a group of like minded souls..  There's Brian and Stella (his furry companion), Bob and Homer (HIS Furry companion), Kate and Mutt (Her furry companion), Wayne, PJ, Charlene, Cheri (and her NEW as yet unnamed furry companion).  with recent departures of Brian K ( and Dina, his furry companion) and Paul.

We all think the same to a great degree.. all seem to be interested in similar things, and above all we ACCEPT each other unconditionally!!  it’s a wonderful thing to know that you can be just who you are and not have to worry about being judged!  I’ve searched for that kind of thing for a long long time!

Probably will hang here a few weeks, then work my way closer to Fresno Ca.  Bikes unloaded, towns 2 miles away, and I'm in open desert with snow on the mountains both to my east and west…   to steal a quote from Charlene.. Life just doesn't get any better than this.. at least until tomorrow!

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