Friday, March 5, 2010

Basking in the power of the Sun!

both literally and figuratively :)

This past week I picked up 2 205 watts solar panels from Sunelectric in Phoenix.. Dont have them mounted on the roof yet, still debating how I want to do that, but I'm sitting out in the desert, with them leaning up against the side of the truck, and all my past power concerns are GONE!

I will probably get additional house batteries in time, but my pair of t105's is doing a great job.. if I get desperate for more power, I have the 2 starting batteries in the truck which I've converted to deep cycle as well, and have a switch right by the inverter to make them all a single bank!!

I think the next upgrade I can feel coming on is a microwave if I have this power, would be a shame not to use it!!