Monday, February 22, 2010

the Perfect use of a windy day!

Well, Windy days aren't my favorite things ya know… but there are some uses that are pretty good!!  I broke out my Kites and gave it a whirl on the high wind days we had Sunday :)

My kites are called Trilby’s, and they are able to link together, you can fly them separately, or connect up a chain of them.. this is the first time I’ve had enough wind to do a threesome!

As you can tell from the pics, I’m wearing heavy leather gloves, and my hands were still aching!  they really have a pull to them!  But I enjoyed the time spent, and did ok with maneuvering them!  they are a double line kite, so you can steer them to a degree!

Thanks to Charlene for the pics!

2010_02_19_SLABS3_ 124

2010_02_19_SLABS3_ 110 2010_02_19_SLABS3_ 101


Tim Parish said...

Trilbys eh... Classic old stunt kites. I've come across the name in my kite research, but never actually seen any or flown any. Have you tried them in lighter winds but much longer lines? That would be a slower and more flowing experience :-) Not to mention easier on the hands...

Keep on kiting!

Sally said...

Thinking it looks like patterns on the ice made by the figure skaters now competing in the Olympics....a sky dance!