Monday, February 22, 2010

the Perfect use of a windy day!

Well, Windy days aren't my favorite things ya know… but there are some uses that are pretty good!!  I broke out my Kites and gave it a whirl on the high wind days we had Sunday :)

My kites are called Trilby’s, and they are able to link together, you can fly them separately, or connect up a chain of them.. this is the first time I’ve had enough wind to do a threesome!

As you can tell from the pics, I’m wearing heavy leather gloves, and my hands were still aching!  they really have a pull to them!  But I enjoyed the time spent, and did ok with maneuvering them!  they are a double line kite, so you can steer them to a degree!

Thanks to Charlene for the pics!

2010_02_19_SLABS3_ 124

2010_02_19_SLABS3_ 110 2010_02_19_SLABS3_ 101

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