Monday, February 22, 2010

the Perfect use of a windy day!

Well, Windy days aren't my favorite things ya know… but there are some uses that are pretty good!!  I broke out my Kites and gave it a whirl on the high wind days we had Sunday :)

My kites are called Trilby’s, and they are able to link together, you can fly them separately, or connect up a chain of them.. this is the first time I’ve had enough wind to do a threesome!

As you can tell from the pics, I’m wearing heavy leather gloves, and my hands were still aching!  they really have a pull to them!  But I enjoyed the time spent, and did ok with maneuvering them!  they are a double line kite, so you can steer them to a degree!

Thanks to Charlene for the pics!

2010_02_19_SLABS3_ 124

2010_02_19_SLABS3_ 110 2010_02_19_SLABS3_ 101

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Greetings from Mitry lake :)

The first picture is the view of the lake from the hill behind my camp.. my truck is a very small white dot on the bottom section :)

A view of the western part of the lake, it's a smaller portion than the main body

the view from my chair in camp.

just sharing a pretty good location with you folks and a few pictures :) it might be slow loading so please bear with it!!

Just north of Yuma, about 7 miles off of Highway 95, there is a reservoir called Mitry lake, it's BLM, and has a 10 day a year camping limit, but it's worth stopping by while your in the area.

I'm here in February, so it's cool and comfortable, I imagine in the summer this place bakes, but for now the days are very comfortable and the nights are in the 40's. The shores of the lake seems to be almost completely grown with Reeds, there are fishing jetties in a few places and a pretty good boat launch for those that are more serious about their water-sports.. Large, or deep draft boats would be pretty risky though!

In my camping stop, which is on the first section of the road, before you even get to the boat ramp, backs right up to the water, and it would be a piece of cake to launch a small boat/kayak/canoe from the site itself.

For the most part, I've been comfortable here. I'm right next to the road in, so Tori has been on lead most of the time, most notable exception when we go hiking in the mountains right across the road.. then of course she's on her own. The days are pretty quiet if you can ignore the distant sounds of Tanks/artillery from Yuma proving grounds, and most of the time the water is smooth as glass :)

I think I'll be returning here about this time next year, in my mind I'm starting to form a pattern.. summer working with CLM, wintering in various parts of Az till I head back to work in May... but we shall see :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Force/Mass Equation lesson

Good mornin :)

last night I had the misfortune of being tutored in Force*Mass equations. the specific equation is S*bt=nc! Translation.. Semi * Box truck = No Contest...

while pulled into a truck stop for the night, I had the misfortune to be 'grazed' by the back wheels of an 18 wheeler.. My whole truck rocked, things were falling off the shelves... He didnt even notice :)

I climbed out of bed and went to talk to him when he got the rig parked, then together we looked at the damage, luckily, it's cosmetic, and everything still works the way it's supposed to.

He was very sorry about it, and offered to buy me dinner or a drink somewhere, I just asked him to keep us little guys in mind and accepted his apology.. no harm no foul :)

but I didnt sleep well the rest of the night waiting for the next thump!!

that might have been my last truck stop night.