Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meeting Other Dwellers


Sorry I’ve been so lax in posting folks, the days seem to go quite quickly lately. 

I’ve been hanging out in the Quartzsite, Az area for the past 3 weeks..  came here for 2 reasons.  first, to see what there was to see at the rock show, and check to see if I could sell any of mine.. well.. the show was ok, and there was so much material that was better than mine, and for cheaper than I wanted to sell mine, that I decided it will have to be a hobby for now instead of potential income :)

The second reason was to meet up with others living in their vehicles and see if I could actually interact with folks to a degree.. that has been a very good success!  I’ve met a couple of great folks and in our interactions am learning more about myself and how to live this life comfortably.  I’m very glad that I came over.

It's also been good for Tori, she’s had the chance to interact with a human pack, as well as a few dogs, and I think she’s grown a bit with it.  I have told folks I am going to “the Slabs” in Ca, mid Feb., and I probably will, but then I’ll have to deal at least in part with new folks, and it’s hard to believe that it will go as well! .. my old confidence again I see –grin-.

At the moment, camped out near the town of Bouse Az.  I had never heard of it, and if you blink you drive right through, but have mail being sent there that I’m waiting for, and got tired of the crowds in Quartzsite.. it got nuts in there when the RV show got to town :)


squire said...

Sounds great, nice to see you out and about. I think we all need to balance out being social and anti-social. As all things in life, too much of anything is not good for us.

Reed said...

Glad to be in your life again.. I'm not very talkitive i'm afraid.. Haven't really figured out what you are up to..? Roading it.. I have a picture of us in Seattle in 1990 I guess it was.. I plan on scanning it and emailing it to you.. to answer your question.. NO I am no longer Delta Darrell... Reed is here now.. Blessings Reed.. have fun!! Is that your harley?

Anonymous said...

I like reading about your travels on the road. I still ive in a brick and motar and probably always will (getting on, really on, in age) but I can enjoy the road 'vicariously' through your great writings. Thanks, Nemo.

Nemo said...

Howdy Reed... I have to admit that I'm not sure I've had the pleasure! and I've never owned a Harley.. thats a Kawasaki Vulcan :)

Anon, Glad that you enjoy, it was difficult to break away, and sometimes I still wish I had a more 'mainstream' life.. but most of the time I really am enjoying myself :)

If it calls to you.. it might not hurt to follow it for a couple weekends, then perhaps longer.. but thats something we all have to face :)