Thursday, December 3, 2009

The varied regions of Arizona

Evening folks, just a quick note and a couple pictures for you to enjoy.  I’ve been on the road almost 6 months now, and have seen many areas of the state that I didnt have active memories of from the past.. let me tell ya.. I love this state <grin>  in a way, it’s almost everything I could ask for in a place… now if only acreage was cheap enough for me to afford it!! <grin>

Tonight's pictures are of the Verde River, North of the town of Fountain Hills..  No signs up saying I cant camp here, no signs up saying there is a limit to the amount of time I can spend here, though it’s close to the Phx metro area.  Probably during the summer it is an issue, but I'm almost alone here, and no other campers in sight (only one here, a 5th wheel parked about a half mile away)

These are pics of my campsite, and of the Verde River which is 50 feet from the truck..  have a herd of wild horses that come to the river just downstream of me to water a couple times a day, can hear them when they are walking in the water.  it’s peaceful, and very beautiful!  is on my highly recommended list.

IMG_0824 IMG_0826


Anonymous said...

Wow, that must have been an awesome experience...the herd of wild horses. Did you see them? I would have loved to experience that!

Chris S.

Rick Brentlinger said...

Okay, now we want pics of the wild horses!

How's the weather?

What do you do all day to keep occupied?

Do you ever get bored?


Nemo said...

Chris, yes, I have seen the herd a few times, they seem to come to water just below where I was camped.. in Fountain Hills for the weekend for a Bday party, but will be back out there on sunday/monday latest :)

Rick, so far havent got a good enough angle with the sun to get a pic, but I plan on fixing that. On Friday, had a young lady come up on her horse that lives in that area and she talked about them a bit. she was out training for endurance horseback riding events. Alot of my activities (or lack therof) depend on where I am. Usually I spend at least a couple hours walking/hiking with the dog, if I'm in a rockhounding area I've been known to go hunting for specimens, there at the river I will probably do some fishing and reading by the water. I am still an avid reader, but find that I cant carry enough books for me to keep in new material.. keep thinking about a Kindle. Have been slowly working on learning the plants and rocks of a region, the plants for foraging purposes, and rocks just cause I want to know :)

Yes, there are times I get bored.. but there were times I got bored when I lived in a stick and brick as well.. the boredom is one reason I keep thinking of upgrading the solar system on the truck, 60w isnt enough to keep me on the computer all day if I dont feel like being active. as long as I have power, I have movies/games/email and the web :)