Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Frustration with the truck...

was having a good day today, doing laundry, took myself out to lunch, taking it easy in town... Then, on the way to find a parking spot for the night, truck stalled... restarted it.. ran fine.. going down the road at a light.. stalled... restarted.. Stalled.. restarted... got the heck off the road! if I kept a bit of pressure on the gas pedal, it would keep running.. but of course the service engine light came back on with the stalling.. so it will be going back to the shop for the next installment of "lets see if we can break the budget!"... I hope the damage isnt going to be too bad on the wallet.. feeling somewhat disheartened at the moment, really hate dealing with the downsides of life (dont we all though?)

so wish me luck folks

Added after... simple sensor fix on the truck, it's running great and with more power than it's had while I've owned it.. quite happy with the fix :)

folks there at "Arizona Mobile Auto Repair" treated me great, letting me stay on property after hours, ran me out power, showed me where the hose is to refill my water, even gave me the gate keys if I wanted to go somewhere during the night.. Highly recommend them. they are having a pot luck on friday for office staff, and they invited me to come hang with them as well.. might just do that :)
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