Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ahhh.. to have Unlimited Power!! -Grin-

Here I sit.. in the parking lot of the garage that I took the truck into for it's checkup on the stalling issue.. been a long day here let me tell ya!!

When they hooked the truck up to the computer, they had 6 different red codes on the machine.. and that was only the beginning.. they had to troubleshoot all of them to see what actual issues were, or if it was simply a cascading failure from one item to the next.. 2 things became apparent, One, they found some frayed wires on the Cam Sensor, so they replaced those wires.. 2, there was an exhaust leak.. which affects the operating temp of the diesel engine, and would contribute to it stalling when the temps are colder.. took many hours to get things worked out, and the boss even stayed late after closing to finish buttoning up my truck. But, also because of the time involved, they said stay here in the locked lot, ran a power cord out to me, showed me where the water faucet is, and said sleep well :) so I cant complain to much.

will do a good run in the morning to make sure the trucks all set, but it sounds much better than it did when I brought it in.. but for tonight.. it's catch up on email time!! first time Ive had full power in a week. then probably a movie or two.. sleep?? I can sleep anytime! -Grin-

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cloudsintheblue said...

hey, know of any good spots in new mexico?

might be coming through to arizona after. it's too cold in santa fe for me.

i'm new to this and ain't having fun right now.

my car has some starting up trouble too.

any tips on spots in arizona besides the fountain hills?