Sunday, December 27, 2009

6 months goes by sooo quickly

Howdy folks :)  12/27 is my 6 month mark.. my how time flies sometimes :)

I’ve learned a bit about myself, both good and bad, I’ve learned that keeping myself amused is both easier and harder than I expected it to be.. I’ve learned that the little things matter to me more than suspected.. and that my habits can cause me alot of grief..

I’ve vacillated back and forth so many times when it comes to this lifestyle of us dwellers, do I continue, do I get a RV, do I abandon stealth.

I have discovered that all the things I thought would be there to entertain me and keep me busy, Aren't really of interest for the most part…  big surprise there –Grin-.. planned on learning to draw, maybe do some carving, work on primitive living skills.. all have fallen by the wayside pretty much.  I spend my days hiking/reading/on the computer, and mostly that's enough. 

Since I have the dog, I have yet to really be ON the water in any way.. I’ve waded quite a bit in Roosevelt Lake, spent alot of time wandering the ‘beach’ there, but haven't taken the Kayak out of the truck.  Just don't like the thought of tying Tori up and leaving her at the truck.  Though I have done it a few times when I have unloaded the Cycle and taken trips.  Keep thinking I need to exchange the yak for a canoe, but haven't been willing to spend the money yet, then deal with the bs of selling the yak..

and speaking of selling…  one of these days will let the Motorcycle go, but again, I consider it a pain to go through all the selling stuff to do so, so it still travels with me.  I can see it being useful later though, so its not a complete waste of space.

Overall, I’m reasonably content.. I dont know why I thought simply changing the location of my life would fix all my issues with myself –Grin-.. I’ve learned it doesnt fix much at all, but does remove alot of the complications that I felt were weighing me down.  Was it the right choice?  the jury is still out, but I cant imagine going back to a more conventional life at this point. 

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