Sunday, December 27, 2009

6 months goes by sooo quickly

Howdy folks :)  12/27 is my 6 month mark.. my how time flies sometimes :)

I’ve learned a bit about myself, both good and bad, I’ve learned that keeping myself amused is both easier and harder than I expected it to be.. I’ve learned that the little things matter to me more than suspected.. and that my habits can cause me alot of grief..

I’ve vacillated back and forth so many times when it comes to this lifestyle of us dwellers, do I continue, do I get a RV, do I abandon stealth.

I have discovered that all the things I thought would be there to entertain me and keep me busy, Aren't really of interest for the most part…  big surprise there –Grin-.. planned on learning to draw, maybe do some carving, work on primitive living skills.. all have fallen by the wayside pretty much.  I spend my days hiking/reading/on the computer, and mostly that's enough. 

Since I have the dog, I have yet to really be ON the water in any way.. I’ve waded quite a bit in Roosevelt Lake, spent alot of time wandering the ‘beach’ there, but haven't taken the Kayak out of the truck.  Just don't like the thought of tying Tori up and leaving her at the truck.  Though I have done it a few times when I have unloaded the Cycle and taken trips.  Keep thinking I need to exchange the yak for a canoe, but haven't been willing to spend the money yet, then deal with the bs of selling the yak..

and speaking of selling…  one of these days will let the Motorcycle go, but again, I consider it a pain to go through all the selling stuff to do so, so it still travels with me.  I can see it being useful later though, so its not a complete waste of space.

Overall, I’m reasonably content.. I dont know why I thought simply changing the location of my life would fix all my issues with myself –Grin-.. I’ve learned it doesnt fix much at all, but does remove alot of the complications that I felt were weighing me down.  Was it the right choice?  the jury is still out, but I cant imagine going back to a more conventional life at this point. 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Frustration with the truck...

was having a good day today, doing laundry, took myself out to lunch, taking it easy in town... Then, on the way to find a parking spot for the night, truck stalled... restarted it.. ran fine.. going down the road at a light.. stalled... restarted.. Stalled.. restarted... got the heck off the road! if I kept a bit of pressure on the gas pedal, it would keep running.. but of course the service engine light came back on with the stalling.. so it will be going back to the shop for the next installment of "lets see if we can break the budget!"... I hope the damage isnt going to be too bad on the wallet.. feeling somewhat disheartened at the moment, really hate dealing with the downsides of life (dont we all though?)

so wish me luck folks

Added after... simple sensor fix on the truck, it's running great and with more power than it's had while I've owned it.. quite happy with the fix :)

folks there at "Arizona Mobile Auto Repair" treated me great, letting me stay on property after hours, ran me out power, showed me where the hose is to refill my water, even gave me the gate keys if I wanted to go somewhere during the night.. Highly recommend them. they are having a pot luck on friday for office staff, and they invited me to come hang with them as well.. might just do that :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The varied regions of Arizona

Evening folks, just a quick note and a couple pictures for you to enjoy.  I’ve been on the road almost 6 months now, and have seen many areas of the state that I didnt have active memories of from the past.. let me tell ya.. I love this state <grin>  in a way, it’s almost everything I could ask for in a place… now if only acreage was cheap enough for me to afford it!! <grin>

Tonight's pictures are of the Verde River, North of the town of Fountain Hills..  No signs up saying I cant camp here, no signs up saying there is a limit to the amount of time I can spend here, though it’s close to the Phx metro area.  Probably during the summer it is an issue, but I'm almost alone here, and no other campers in sight (only one here, a 5th wheel parked about a half mile away)

These are pics of my campsite, and of the Verde River which is 50 feet from the truck..  have a herd of wild horses that come to the river just downstream of me to water a couple times a day, can hear them when they are walking in the water.  it’s peaceful, and very beautiful!  is on my highly recommended list.

IMG_0824 IMG_0826

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ahhh.. to have Unlimited Power!! -Grin-

Here I sit.. in the parking lot of the garage that I took the truck into for it's checkup on the stalling issue.. been a long day here let me tell ya!!

When they hooked the truck up to the computer, they had 6 different red codes on the machine.. and that was only the beginning.. they had to troubleshoot all of them to see what actual issues were, or if it was simply a cascading failure from one item to the next.. 2 things became apparent, One, they found some frayed wires on the Cam Sensor, so they replaced those wires.. 2, there was an exhaust leak.. which affects the operating temp of the diesel engine, and would contribute to it stalling when the temps are colder.. took many hours to get things worked out, and the boss even stayed late after closing to finish buttoning up my truck. But, also because of the time involved, they said stay here in the locked lot, ran a power cord out to me, showed me where the water faucet is, and said sleep well :) so I cant complain to much.

will do a good run in the morning to make sure the trucks all set, but it sounds much better than it did when I brought it in.. but for tonight.. it's catch up on email time!! first time Ive had full power in a week. then probably a movie or two.. sleep?? I can sleep anytime! -Grin-