Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The View from the Edge (Devils Canyon)

just thought I’d share a couple pics from the area around the Oak Flats Campground between Globe and Superior Az.  this is a canyon to the east of the campground called Devils Canyon, would be great to see after a heavy rainy season!


I really liked the area, if the temps hadnt dropped into the teens at night, would have stayed.. I’ll go back :)


Ken said...

Nemo--great to meet ya. Glad you like the blog. Had no idea there were so many of vandwelling bloggers. Look forward to perusing your site.

Happy trails,

twokniveskatie said...

hey. gorgeous shot. i'd be thrilled to be by any canyon right about now :-)

Nemo said...

somehow, I managed to misplace my camera.. it's here in the truck somewhere.... but near the Supersition Mountains now, and they are gorgeous.. as are the sunsets.. if I find it, will have to add one of those pics :)