Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still out here :)

but not on much.. I'm playing "City Homeless person" this week... and let me tell ya, I much prefer being out in the boonies. But wanted to be in town for Turkey day with friends and family, and while I have been in town the truck has developed issues so waiting to get with a mechanic before I head back out. Seems like it's not getting fuel and has stalled a couple times on me, hopefully nothing more than a fuel filter or something similar.. but will find out. After I find out what that is gonna cost me, would like to replace 2 tires, so will check on that cost as well. then I should be good for another year! (or so I hope)

since I'm a townie.. cant very well pull into a park and set up camp, so computer time is limited. Today, broke out my kites for the first time in over a decade.. wasnt enough of a wind to keep them in sustained flight, but had fun with them for an hour or so :)

Hope everyone is smiling!!


hoboknitter said...

man, i hope it is just the fuel filter, i'm still recovering from the fuel pump replacement in flagstaff. did ys have enough to eat for turkey day? i am still recovering from that too! kites!!!yay! i can't wait!

Nemo said...

I'm hoping for the best :) and it was a good day with old friends and family, that was the important part.. Since I'm so used to quiet now, it was a bit overwhelming at times -Grin-

Hopefully mechanic will call me tomorrow and can get in shortly therafter, is a brother of someone that I used to work with, and ASE certified on Diesel, so I trust him :)