Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Revisiting an old friend? –Grin-

Today, I finally broke down and went into “town”..  in the town of Apache Junction, where I had the honor of spending some of my childhood time..  We moved when I was about 8? (help mom!)  but my memories prior to that were of Apache Junction and our time in the mountains east of there.  The Mighty Supersition Mountains.

Anyway.. while growing up, I suffered exactly 1 broken bone.. it was a finger.. and yes, I broke it by sticking it where it didnt belong!!  

Today, I returned to the scene of the crime, the coin operated laundry in the AJ plaza..  I asked the woman working here and she confirmed that it’s been here for decades, so this is the place where I suffered my most sever medical issue!!

Amazing what memories come back :) 

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