Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh Oh…. -Grin-

Just has a visit from the local Law enforcement professionals…  Seems like the area I’m parked has also been known for hiding Illegal Aliens now and then, so they were coming to check me out!!

He was quite pleasant, and professional, we talked for a few then he headed back out after letting me know what's happened out here in the past and to keep an eye out on things :)  Didn't even let me know I would have to move anytime soon.. Technically, after checking on the State website, I have to have a permit to be here, and limited to 14 days a YEAR with the permit.. luckily, he didn't ask :)

Will be unloading the bike today, have some errands to run in town and easier on the bike than taking the truck in.  Highs in the 90’s the next couple days, so will run in the morning so the animals have the truck open and cooler in the afternoons..  A Friend planning on visiting tomorrow, so will hang out for a few and have someone to BS with ;)

Keep smiling everyone!!

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