Thursday, November 12, 2009

Learned more about me again :)

Not really a suprise though, but more of a confirmation..

Yesterday, I moved into the Town of Apache Junction…  did laundry, slept in a strip mall area that for the most part was empty shops..  and it was STILL to loud for me to get much sleep, and it was still warm enough at night that it was hot in the truck..  Today, Did some running around, got the truck through Emissions testing, got it registered for the next year, picked up an annual pass for NFS, BLM, USNP, and got a “Tonto Pass” for the tonto national forest areas that require special pass access.

After that running around, made it to the store for groceries.. by that time, I didnt care in the least about trying to find a place to camp for the night in amongst all those people!!  so I’m back out in the desert :)

so, things I learned?  1)  if I am going to stay in an area with people around, I MUST put in a sunroof/sliding windows/vent so that i can get the hot air out of the truck when I am unable to just leave the doors open, and 2)  I really really prefer the quiet and remoteness of the woods/desert than being even in a town.. sure it’s nice to have the water and shops/restaurants close, but I am so not used to dealing with traffic anymore.. my idea of a crowd is a large pack of coyote!! –Grin-


twokniveskatie said...

i always have such culture shock when i have been away from "civilization" and then return. what was the response from the 4-leggeds?

Nemo said...

they didnt seem to react at all to being in town :) but I know Tori prefers it out here in the boonies, then she doesnt have to be leashed :)