Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breaking my routine..

Today, I went and did something that for years I have never really let myself do.. While running errands, I said screw it, and stopped at a sit down restaurant and got lunch!! a normal run of the mill occasion for some folks, but I would always do the fast food thing, even if I wanted something different.. a combination of hmmm.. ok, forget the combination thing.. it was all about my discomfort with dealing with people.. it was easier to just sit in my car and eat on the road, then to potentially have to talk to a stranger!! dang Agoraphobia!! but today, after running to the bank and a couple other stops on the bike, decided I needed to spoil myself.. the first dinner out (so to speak) since I hit the road in June.

went to a little local Chinese bistro, and I am so full, and content that just had to share it with ya! :) I think I'll let myself do that more often!

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