Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still out here :)

but not on much.. I'm playing "City Homeless person" this week... and let me tell ya, I much prefer being out in the boonies. But wanted to be in town for Turkey day with friends and family, and while I have been in town the truck has developed issues so waiting to get with a mechanic before I head back out. Seems like it's not getting fuel and has stalled a couple times on me, hopefully nothing more than a fuel filter or something similar.. but will find out. After I find out what that is gonna cost me, would like to replace 2 tires, so will check on that cost as well. then I should be good for another year! (or so I hope)

since I'm a townie.. cant very well pull into a park and set up camp, so computer time is limited. Today, broke out my kites for the first time in over a decade.. wasnt enough of a wind to keep them in sustained flight, but had fun with them for an hour or so :)

Hope everyone is smiling!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Learned more about me again :)

Not really a suprise though, but more of a confirmation..

Yesterday, I moved into the Town of Apache Junction…  did laundry, slept in a strip mall area that for the most part was empty shops..  and it was STILL to loud for me to get much sleep, and it was still warm enough at night that it was hot in the truck..  Today, Did some running around, got the truck through Emissions testing, got it registered for the next year, picked up an annual pass for NFS, BLM, USNP, and got a “Tonto Pass” for the tonto national forest areas that require special pass access.

After that running around, made it to the store for groceries.. by that time, I didnt care in the least about trying to find a place to camp for the night in amongst all those people!!  so I’m back out in the desert :)

so, things I learned?  1)  if I am going to stay in an area with people around, I MUST put in a sunroof/sliding windows/vent so that i can get the hot air out of the truck when I am unable to just leave the doors open, and 2)  I really really prefer the quiet and remoteness of the woods/desert than being even in a town.. sure it’s nice to have the water and shops/restaurants close, but I am so not used to dealing with traffic anymore.. my idea of a crowd is a large pack of coyote!! –Grin-

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Revisiting an old friend? –Grin-

Today, I finally broke down and went into “town”..  in the town of Apache Junction, where I had the honor of spending some of my childhood time..  We moved when I was about 8? (help mom!)  but my memories prior to that were of Apache Junction and our time in the mountains east of there.  The Mighty Supersition Mountains.

Anyway.. while growing up, I suffered exactly 1 broken bone.. it was a finger.. and yes, I broke it by sticking it where it didnt belong!!  

Today, I returned to the scene of the crime, the coin operated laundry in the AJ plaza..  I asked the woman working here and she confirmed that it’s been here for decades, so this is the place where I suffered my most sever medical issue!!

Amazing what memories come back :) 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The View from the Edge (Devils Canyon)

just thought I’d share a couple pics from the area around the Oak Flats Campground between Globe and Superior Az.  this is a canyon to the east of the campground called Devils Canyon, would be great to see after a heavy rainy season!


I really liked the area, if the temps hadnt dropped into the teens at night, would have stayed.. I’ll go back :)

Catching up with a past comment.

While ago, I mentioned that on one of my hikes I was snacking on cactus.. I went back through the same areas and since someone mentioned they didnt know that was possible, took a couple pictures of what I had found :)  so this is a catch up post on that comment, first pic is the cactus.. maybe 3” high, second is the fruit.. and it’s OOoo so good ;)

IMG_0779 IMG_0780

Taking a moment to appreciate the beauty :)


sometimes, the view out my ‘window’ is awesome….

a beautiful ending to a good day :)

Breaking my routine..

Today, I went and did something that for years I have never really let myself do.. While running errands, I said screw it, and stopped at a sit down restaurant and got lunch!! a normal run of the mill occasion for some folks, but I would always do the fast food thing, even if I wanted something different.. a combination of hmmm.. ok, forget the combination thing.. it was all about my discomfort with dealing with people.. it was easier to just sit in my car and eat on the road, then to potentially have to talk to a stranger!! dang Agoraphobia!! but today, after running to the bank and a couple other stops on the bike, decided I needed to spoil myself.. the first dinner out (so to speak) since I hit the road in June.

went to a little local Chinese bistro, and I am so full, and content that just had to share it with ya! :) I think I'll let myself do that more often!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh Oh…. -Grin-

Just has a visit from the local Law enforcement professionals…  Seems like the area I’m parked has also been known for hiding Illegal Aliens now and then, so they were coming to check me out!!

He was quite pleasant, and professional, we talked for a few then he headed back out after letting me know what's happened out here in the past and to keep an eye out on things :)  Didn't even let me know I would have to move anytime soon.. Technically, after checking on the State website, I have to have a permit to be here, and limited to 14 days a YEAR with the permit.. luckily, he didn't ask :)

Will be unloading the bike today, have some errands to run in town and easier on the bike than taking the truck in.  Highs in the 90’s the next couple days, so will run in the morning so the animals have the truck open and cooler in the afternoons..  A Friend planning on visiting tomorrow, so will hang out for a few and have someone to BS with ;)

Keep smiling everyone!!