Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Mornin :)

Howdy folks, just sharing good vibes with everyone today, got up nice and early (sunup) and took a good few mile walk.. at least that was the measured distance.. there was an awful lot of up and down going on as well!! went up the mountain that is in the pic in the preceding post, then went along the mountain face from the right side of the pic, to out of frame on the left. There is actually a ranch on the backside of that mountain!! Was a great walk, even found a few cactus that were fruiting and had a snack on the trail, good stuff! Hope everyone is happy today!

Had to come back and add this.. while up crawling among the rocks, Came across a 3.5 foot Black Tailed Rattlesnake :) Tori behaved well and came to me when called, and we let it go it's way unmolested.. Especially after having dealt with Rodents this summer, I appreciate snakes.. I've always kinda liked em, but now I consider them friends :)
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