Sunday, October 11, 2009

a realization

-Grin- today, while up on top of one of the rock outcroppings in the area, it dawned on me that I really prefer the desert in alot of ways to the forest.. Love the trees and the green in the woods, love the different wildlife I'm used to seeing, but theres an openness to the desert that calls to me, From the top of the rock I was on, I could see the observatory on top of Mt Grahme, probably 70 miles from here.. I could see the town of Safford that I left yesterday, easily 20 miles away from where I am.. I guess I've just spent so much time being able to view the horizon that I feel confined when I cant anymore.. I'm sure I'll split my time between desert and woods, but there is something special in the desert for me :) Just sharing the thought.

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Brian Many Wheels said...

Me too....I love the clean, open, dry desert also...also the flora and fauna