Saturday, October 10, 2009

The quest for Rocks!

Evening folks ;)  moved again this week, now in the “Black Hills Rockhound Area”  following the desire I’ve had for years to find Fire Agates..  if you would like to see “Potential” finds, check out  so far (my first day) I’m finding browns/reds/oranges.. might have one that is a deep blue/black, havent done any washing yet of the stones.. 

Additionally, is a beautifull area of desert, and looking forward to hiking it a bit.  2 miles off the main highway and a much easier road in that my last stop at Roosevelt lake.  As I was sitting this afternoon, looking at the mountains in the front of the truck, here is what I got to see.  Tomorrow, I go up at least the middle one.. are some caves on the formation on the right side that I also would like to check out.. will have to see how energetic I get!!

Hope that everyone is smiling today!!!



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Chris S.

Nemo said...

Howdy Amigo :) wondered if you still stopped by now and then.