Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On the Road again...

Howdy folks :) Moved yesterday and today, now at the Oak Flat Campground between Superior and Globe, Az. stopped at a Casino yesterday outside of Globe to catch a shower.. but it was broken! so will be doing the heated water tonight! Winds are crankin through the place today, weather says an Alaskan front is moving in and temps are going to fall big time.. should be an interesting few days :)

still early afternoon, but the truck is already rockin in the wind, advisory is in effect until 9pm. Am glad to be here though, and looks to be some good walking for me in the next few days.

My next move will probably put me back into Superior, or perhaps the desert between Superior and Apache Junction. Looking to make myself somewhat available for turkey day for the family :) then will figure out where I'm goin next.

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