Thursday, October 1, 2009

Note to Self, Check trails FIRST

Morning folks, not a cloud in the sky, only mid 70’s so far, but wont be surprised if I hit 90 again today.  Got up bright and early this morning, carried a couple 5 gallon pails down to the lake to carry back so I would have wash water for dishes, clothes if I get ambitious and water for the pets, let me tell ya.. carrying back a couple pails of water from 1.1 miles away is a definite workout!!  but got it done.. then later in the morning.. took the gps out and went down another track..  low and behold, Not only is the road in fairly descent condition.. possibly good enough to take the truck down, the water is only .6 miles away…  so got an extra workout this morning that I didn't know was optional!

Probably will stay here at the moment, since technically I cant be here more than 14 days, at the end of it will probably drive down closer to the lake for the remainder of my water supply.. though with supplementing from the lake I think I can go a long way.. it looks fresh and clean, and feels wonderful during the heat of the day!  I do have plenty of LP bottles if I decide I need to boil some, but i have a feeling it is fine.. will let ya know if I test that assumption!

Mornings walk found a 3 foot carp that something had caught and gutted, don't know if it was an eagle or some land based animal, but other than the innards and eyes it was pretty much intact.  Also saw a blue heron, once Tori saw it he decided to vacate our stretch of the beach for a time :)

Keep smiling today!!!

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