Sunday, October 25, 2009

hmm.. where to go next....

howdy folks ;) listening to the weather forcast tonight, gonna be getting cold this next week.. so the question is.. where next?? had been thinking about the area south of Safford called Hot Well Dunes, but some of the nights are forcast in the 30s for the upcoming week.. then mentioned in an Email being in the Superior area before too long... checked weather there, nights in the 50's.. with only 1 in the high 40s.. so might just head that way and be closer to civilization for a while.. wonder how long I could be in place before being asked to move

certainly is an area I wouldnt mind visiting for a spell.

will keep everyone posted! was mid 70's here today, sun is now down and starting to feel a bit chill, so will be shutting up the truck :)
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