Sunday, October 18, 2009

High Winds and Little sleep..

Morning folks ;)

let me tell ya, my sleep tank is running on empty today! past couple nights have been really windy here and the truck spends all night rockin from side to side.. I can understand that infants like that at times, but it's doing nothing for me!!

last night the gusts in the area officially got to 32, but I'm thinking I had some bigger than that. my shade tarp on the back of the truck even ripped out a couple of grommets that hold it in place. Additionally, it was still 80 in the truck when I called it a night, so on the warm side for me.

Supposed to cool down during this coming week, will be glad of that. I miss sleep! -grin-

Hope that everyone is smiling today! getting ready to hit the trail, on my map it shows the (Site) designation of what I believe to be Camp Tollgate, an old Calvary camp nearby, so will put in a couple miles hiking there today to see if there are any kind of remnants to take pictures of :)

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Nemo said...

Update. having looked on the net, I'm not sure that it Was Camp Tollgate.. on my map it shows the designation "Tollgate(site)" but if you look at records for Camp Tollgate, it's in a totally different county!! so unsure what it was.. nothing there now but alot of old food tins fully rusted, and some old multi color glass. dont know how old the tins are, but looks like the ends are soldered shut, so I'm thinking a bit old :)