Monday, October 19, 2009

A fine evening :)

Good evening my friends, just taking a moment to share a good vibe tonight!

Just got back from a run into Safford Az on the Motorcycle, the first time I’ve had it unloaded in 2 months..  left as the sun went down, and back about 2 hours later. 

I had forgotten just how wonderful an Arizona night can be.. especially out here in the boonies, no street lights for 20 miles in any direction, no nearby city to be polluting the sky (light pollution), I can see stars that the folks down in Phx couldnt imagine..  tis a beautiful night, still around 75 degrees outside.

times like this, I really like my life :)

On another note, a friend is coming to visit me at my camp this week.  A young lady who thinks she would like nothing better than to travel with me on my adventures.. Lets call her “Sprite”, she is uncomfortable with driving, so a friend is going to bring her up for a few hours to celebrate her Bday :)  I’m honored that her wish is to spend it with me. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Night!!!

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