Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fear, and the lessening thereof

Good morning my friends :)

got to thinking last night, sometimes about 2am, when I wasn't sleeping..  That alot of my journey here is about dealing with my fears.. instead of living comfortably and conforming, I have set myself up against those things in life that have kept me compliant and a good citizen..  3 stand out in my mind at the moment.

1) Fear of Humans..  in this context (vandwelling) my concern has been Illegal Immigrants. No, I’m not a racist, I have nothing whatsoever against latino/latina members of society. What I have is a history of living in Az, and local media that would constantly be talking about the Illegals coming over the border.  My mind goes to the next step.. they are coming over on foot.. I’m parked out in the middle of nowhere alone, so they take truck and leave me on foot, or beyond caring about the truck anymore..  Well, so far on my road I have not had the pleasure of running into anyone that has threatened me, nor made me feel at all uncomfortable.  Just folks going about thier own lives.. Now that the winter is here, and I’m moving south a bit, perhaps I will run into those that are coming here.. I hope they will treat me with the same consideration that I will treat them with.

2) Fear of Animals..  this one to me seems kinda strange, but it’s true nonetheless.  I have worried about the wild animals that we humans are pushing out of their own territory.. I had visions of sleeping somewhere and a bear showing up at the back door with vengeance in mind! –Grin-  Well, so far I’ve run across 2 Rattlesnakes, 1 Bear, 2 Skunks, 4 White Tailed Deer, 6 Mule Deer, 6 Elk, 7 Javalina, Various squirrels, birds, crawling creatures.. Oh.. and at least 2 mice :)    Of them all, Only the Mice seemed to want to make themselves at home in my space.. and the ONLY creatures that I’ve been threatened by are Ants!!  some of the little buggers bite before even getting to know you!  So that fear is going away.. still have a latent fear of running across a Mountain Lion one day, but will cross that when it happens.

3) Fear of Winter…  this has been a biggie.. as a desert rat for many years now, the cold weather just rocks my world!!  if it drops below 50 I start digging out my winter parkas!  so reading in the Vandweller group last winter about how everyone was surviving was something I avidly did.  I have been very worried that when the cold temps hit I would be absolutely miserable and unable to function!!  well, At this point I think I can put that one away too.. Temperature got down to 15 degrees outside last night, coldest night I’ve been in so far, and interior of the truck dropped to 35.  While it wasnt the most comfortable night, I think with planning and some additional clothing (I really have NO cold weather clothes) it will be doable.. it’s strange to see not only my breath but the breaths of both the cat and dog showing steam, but they seem fine as well :)  And I dont expect to regularly be in temps like this.  down in the Phx area it’s 30 degrees warmer, but at 4k feet, 60 miles out of town I get the more extreme.  Tonight it’s supposed to be warmer and things going back to normal, but glad I got the chance to experience it :)  Now it’s a fear that can be placed on the shelf for me!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On the Road again...

Howdy folks :) Moved yesterday and today, now at the Oak Flat Campground between Superior and Globe, Az. stopped at a Casino yesterday outside of Globe to catch a shower.. but it was broken! so will be doing the heated water tonight! Winds are crankin through the place today, weather says an Alaskan front is moving in and temps are going to fall big time.. should be an interesting few days :)

still early afternoon, but the truck is already rockin in the wind, advisory is in effect until 9pm. Am glad to be here though, and looks to be some good walking for me in the next few days.

My next move will probably put me back into Superior, or perhaps the desert between Superior and Apache Junction. Looking to make myself somewhat available for turkey day for the family :) then will figure out where I'm goin next.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

hmm.. where to go next....

howdy folks ;) listening to the weather forcast tonight, gonna be getting cold this next week.. so the question is.. where next?? had been thinking about the area south of Safford called Hot Well Dunes, but some of the nights are forcast in the 30s for the upcoming week.. then mentioned in an Email being in the Superior area before too long... checked weather there, nights in the 50's.. with only 1 in the high 40s.. so might just head that way and be closer to civilization for a while.. wonder how long I could be in place before being asked to move

certainly is an area I wouldnt mind visiting for a spell.

will keep everyone posted! was mid 70's here today, sun is now down and starting to feel a bit chill, so will be shutting up the truck :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

A fine evening :)

Good evening my friends, just taking a moment to share a good vibe tonight!

Just got back from a run into Safford Az on the Motorcycle, the first time I’ve had it unloaded in 2 months..  left as the sun went down, and back about 2 hours later. 

I had forgotten just how wonderful an Arizona night can be.. especially out here in the boonies, no street lights for 20 miles in any direction, no nearby city to be polluting the sky (light pollution), I can see stars that the folks down in Phx couldnt imagine..  tis a beautiful night, still around 75 degrees outside.

times like this, I really like my life :)

On another note, a friend is coming to visit me at my camp this week.  A young lady who thinks she would like nothing better than to travel with me on my adventures.. Lets call her “Sprite”, she is uncomfortable with driving, so a friend is going to bring her up for a few hours to celebrate her Bday :)  I’m honored that her wish is to spend it with me. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Night!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

High Winds and Little sleep..

Morning folks ;)

let me tell ya, my sleep tank is running on empty today! past couple nights have been really windy here and the truck spends all night rockin from side to side.. I can understand that infants like that at times, but it's doing nothing for me!!

last night the gusts in the area officially got to 32, but I'm thinking I had some bigger than that. my shade tarp on the back of the truck even ripped out a couple of grommets that hold it in place. Additionally, it was still 80 in the truck when I called it a night, so on the warm side for me.

Supposed to cool down during this coming week, will be glad of that. I miss sleep! -grin-

Hope that everyone is smiling today! getting ready to hit the trail, on my map it shows the (Site) designation of what I believe to be Camp Tollgate, an old Calvary camp nearby, so will put in a couple miles hiking there today to see if there are any kind of remnants to take pictures of :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

a realization

-Grin- today, while up on top of one of the rock outcroppings in the area, it dawned on me that I really prefer the desert in alot of ways to the forest.. Love the trees and the green in the woods, love the different wildlife I'm used to seeing, but theres an openness to the desert that calls to me, From the top of the rock I was on, I could see the observatory on top of Mt Grahme, probably 70 miles from here.. I could see the town of Safford that I left yesterday, easily 20 miles away from where I am.. I guess I've just spent so much time being able to view the horizon that I feel confined when I cant anymore.. I'm sure I'll split my time between desert and woods, but there is something special in the desert for me :) Just sharing the thought.

Sunday Mornin :)

Howdy folks, just sharing good vibes with everyone today, got up nice and early (sunup) and took a good few mile walk.. at least that was the measured distance.. there was an awful lot of up and down going on as well!! went up the mountain that is in the pic in the preceding post, then went along the mountain face from the right side of the pic, to out of frame on the left. There is actually a ranch on the backside of that mountain!! Was a great walk, even found a few cactus that were fruiting and had a snack on the trail, good stuff! Hope everyone is happy today!

Had to come back and add this.. while up crawling among the rocks, Came across a 3.5 foot Black Tailed Rattlesnake :) Tori behaved well and came to me when called, and we let it go it's way unmolested.. Especially after having dealt with Rodents this summer, I appreciate snakes.. I've always kinda liked em, but now I consider them friends :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The quest for Rocks!

Evening folks ;)  moved again this week, now in the “Black Hills Rockhound Area”  following the desire I’ve had for years to find Fire Agates..  if you would like to see “Potential” finds, check out  so far (my first day) I’m finding browns/reds/oranges.. might have one that is a deep blue/black, havent done any washing yet of the stones.. 

Additionally, is a beautifull area of desert, and looking forward to hiking it a bit.  2 miles off the main highway and a much easier road in that my last stop at Roosevelt lake.  As I was sitting this afternoon, looking at the mountains in the front of the truck, here is what I got to see.  Tomorrow, I go up at least the middle one.. are some caves on the formation on the right side that I also would like to check out.. will have to see how energetic I get!!

Hope that everyone is smiling today!!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tori's Learning to love water :)

Sunset over Roosevelt Lake

Tonight as planned, went down to the water to enjoy the end of the day, calm, no wind, and was in time to get the sunset near 4 peaks :)  great way to end the day.  Wasn't able to get any good shots of the moon and reflections, it’s already too high in the sky, but do have one I like :)IMG_0758 


Waiting impatiently for dusk

full sun today, very hot.. so hiding in the shade.. but I’m waiting for twilight.. the moon should be wonderful and bright tonight, thinking I’m going to be headed to the water as it gets here, maybe I’ll be able to get a good picture or two of the reflections :)   will be a break in routine for me, usually I head in the house as the sun goes down, for some reason today, I think I will be out later :)

Called in some smoke earlier out in the desert, an area is having a prescribed burn that I hadn't seen listed on the web site, better safe than sorry.  Got me thinking what I would do if a fire started on my access road to this place..  would simply drive down to the water here, no way I would try to drive out past it, and have food enough for weeks and weeks :)

so far, haven't felt the desire to break out the fishing gear, though have seen folks out in boats just off the coast where I am, I'm content for now simply to be here.

Note to Self, Check trails FIRST

Morning folks, not a cloud in the sky, only mid 70’s so far, but wont be surprised if I hit 90 again today.  Got up bright and early this morning, carried a couple 5 gallon pails down to the lake to carry back so I would have wash water for dishes, clothes if I get ambitious and water for the pets, let me tell ya.. carrying back a couple pails of water from 1.1 miles away is a definite workout!!  but got it done.. then later in the morning.. took the gps out and went down another track..  low and behold, Not only is the road in fairly descent condition.. possibly good enough to take the truck down, the water is only .6 miles away…  so got an extra workout this morning that I didn't know was optional!

Probably will stay here at the moment, since technically I cant be here more than 14 days, at the end of it will probably drive down closer to the lake for the remainder of my water supply.. though with supplementing from the lake I think I can go a long way.. it looks fresh and clean, and feels wonderful during the heat of the day!  I do have plenty of LP bottles if I decide I need to boil some, but i have a feeling it is fine.. will let ya know if I test that assumption!

Mornings walk found a 3 foot carp that something had caught and gutted, don't know if it was an eagle or some land based animal, but other than the innards and eyes it was pretty much intact.  Also saw a blue heron, once Tori saw it he decided to vacate our stretch of the beach for a time :)

Keep smiling today!!!