Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a view :)

IMG_0734 Stitch this is what I see when I climb the rock behind my camp.. went up today midday, probably mid 90’s in temp, but worth it.  I just love the openness of the desert, cant wait for it to drop another 20 degrees so I can head farther south!!

Is a panoramic shot looking to the east rotating northwest :) covering about 180 degrees.. might go to the top of the peak that is further to the left side of the pic tomorrow.  depends on my energy level!  running lower on water, so not exerting myself to much till I refill :)

A gentleman from a local ranch came by yesterday with a friend and gave me directions to his ranch, said to pull in anytime to refill my water.  Nice guy :)

currently 94 in the truck, the outside sensor is in the direct sun so I cant trust it, was reading 128 earlier, I’ve got it covered with a rag now and it’s down to 114, but thats still too high.  I’m guessin high 90’s today, bearable :)

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