Thursday, September 17, 2009

What a difference a day makes -Grin-

moved today.. hit the 14 day limit and decided not to push it since I had both fire crews, and forest rangers stop by to talk while I was camped at the last place..  Both stopped by obstensibly to look at the truck.  I have had a few folks express interest in it and the conversion (though minor) that I've done so far.. I think it's that they never would have considered such a thing!!

but today moved back to the west a bit.  North of Heber Az, in an area of the forest I have never been in before.. it's totally different from the forest near Bear Canyon Lake where I was 2 months ago.  and I think I like it better.. Not as many pines, alot of Juniper trees and pinon pines.. totally different look and feel to the woods.  compared to the area I was just in which was all pines, you cant see as far here..  hmm.. just had a realization.. you cant see as far here along the ground, but you can see the sky much better.. and being from the desert, I am used to being able to see for miles... I wonder if thats what is making me prefer it... something to consider :)  was cloudy when I got here and set up, and got some rain shortly thereafter, will see if it's warmer tonight.  Truck is nice and toasty, made some soup and top ramen after I had closed up for the night so it's comfortable here :)

will check in again tomorrow!  Hope everyone is smiling today!!

Forest road 228 5 miles north of Heber Az

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