Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thinking of the Future

and wondering how far in advance I need to start making contacts for hosting this summer.. I pretty much have decided that I'll stay free and easy through the winter (though still debating that in part) but I figure this summer I will want to be stationary. The gentlemen at Bear Canyon Lake informally offered me a position up there next summer, and that would be beautiful, but it's fully primitive. Which would mean once every 2 weeks would need to run the truck out to refill on water, empty trash and black water. that's not too bad, but I would prefer to be someplace that had water/sewer/power right there.. and as a bonus, perhaps small pay... so I'm unsure what I'm doing at this point.

I go back and forth on hosting this winter simply because a part of me feels I shouldn't tie myself to any location yet, but to have a spot with power for the winter, hence heating... that's very tempting for me. The 40 degree nights I'm already encountering up here in the high country are letting me know that warmth can be a nice thing, but no way my battery can handle powering a heater at the moment, I can barely keep up with my electrical demands as is.. so I keep mulling it over.

For next Summer, I have feelers out for some spots in Utah that have potential, and for the spring I'm hoping to get involved in the Bald Eagle nesting monitoring that occurs here in Az during the spring. would be able to be out in a remote location, contributing to the cause of preservation, and getting paid for it! -Grin-

We shall see :) just sharing thoughts!
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