Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The silence of the desert

and no, thats not a take off on the silence of the lambs -Grin-

Just got back from a walk to the lake, wasnt sure how close my campsite was to the water, turns out if I follow the road I parked next to, it's 1.13 miles to my feet in the water! and I think I can live with that.. walk down every morning, maybe if I'm feeling energetic, carry some back, but mostly just try to relax and let my hair down.. so to speak -Grin-

this afternoon it has been really windy, the sun just sank behind 4 peaks(local mountain) and the wind seems to be fading as well. Nice 3/4 moon up in the sky and the only sound I hear is the lingering wind.. no motors, no boats on the lake, no aircraft flying overhead.. think it's gonna be a good night :)

Didnt take the camera down to the lake this time, but will fix that and try to get a couple photos that I like to share with ya :)

Be well my friends!


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