Friday, September 18, 2009

pic of the day?? heck.. probably of the month

How'd ya like to meet this beauty in the woods at night??

found this on my walk yesterday, while in the past I have found skeletal remains of various animals, I have never found a skull in such good shape, and one that was so impressive!!

I "think' that it's from a Javelina, a desert variant of a wild boar :) Certainly makes me glad I carry a good blade when I hit the woods, not that it still wouldnt hurt me if it took it to mind, but at least I could fight back a bit if pressed.

Ok, ignore this for now, having issues uploading photos... but I'll get there!

1 comment:

Brian Many Wheels said...

Wow, not a good thought to run into this guy on the way to the night...makes a good arguement to have a inside potty...