Friday, September 25, 2009

A Meeting by Chance

Happy Friday folks :)

parked off of US 60, between Seneca And Globe Az, just thought I’d share a contact.  Was walking Tori in the morning, and while walking past an old Corral that wasn't being used I hear a voice.. turned around and see a dog headed my way, raise my eyes a bit and the owner was coming as well :) 

Turns out I was fortunate enough to meet a gentlemen that has been out living on wheels for many years in Arizona.  He and Amber (his furry companion) joined Tori and I on our morning walk, and we spent the next hour, hour and a half walking and talking about things in our lives.  He was kind enough to share a few areas he had wintered in within the state, ideas for foraging and bragged about his acorn flour that he uses for his pan bread –Grin-  Was a great morning.  showed each other our rigs, he’s got himself and old dodge pickup and camper shell that is laid out really well for he and his pup.  runs minimal solar and seems content overall, now and then will pick up work for a while, but lives and thrives out in the boonies.

Shared the information on the vandweller group on yahoo, and the info on Twodogs that has been vandwelling for 23 years near the Bradshaw mountains not too far from here.  we exchanged emails and though he doesnt check his often, I have a feeling we will keep in touch.

Later in the afternoon, he brought me up a CD of his music, now and then he has toured clubs to make some spending cash, haven't listened to it yet, but am honored that he would share it with me.

So, in case you check here, Hi Howard!!!  Hope you and Amber are doing well today!  will watch for you along the shores of Roosevelt this winter and in the future!

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Hi Nemo,
I've enjoyed reading all of your posts about your transition and current journey. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Joe Leeak
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