Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is it destiny?

last time I came up to this area, discovered I had picked up a rodent…  I thought it had got in at my last stopping location.. I have decided as of tonight that I was mistaken.. I’ve been here a total of 14 hours and I again have a mouse in the truck.. this one isnt as stealthy as the last, I was able to see him pretty quickly.  Live trap is down, will break out the kill traps in the morning if he doesnt go to the live one.. I really would rather not kill him, but cant have him eating up my supplies at random.

I’m telling ya, they wasted no time coming to dinner!! although hopefully the ‘they’ is an exageration.. have only heard 1 moving around and crossing my fingers that it’s only 1 that has moved in!! 

Weather update.. 330 in the am, 34 degrees out, probably will break the freezing point :)  53 in the truck when I decided it was time to get up since I wasnt sleeping anyway..

Hope your smiling today!

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